Death, himself, claims to have served as First among the Black Hundred. He tasked Coleman Caine to return Tyrhexaurus to the mortal plane in his name, and to place his cloak upon the great dragon, saying that the Black One is neither among the dead nor the living.

“St. Gryllid teaches us that Death is neither to be feared nor to be worshiped. All creatures of this world meet him eventually; let us pray to Providence that we may do all we are meant to do before that meeting, and to pass through the Black Gates in peace.” —Temple van Bommel, Paladin of St. Gryllid

“Death is a black dog, a scavenger of the battlefields. Or at least that’s what I was always told. Who did that Death I saw in the dream belong to? The mage? All of us? None of us? Himself alone?” —Martin Silver


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