Falstaff Hector

A child lost in Draumur Somniatus...?


12 years old, and just a couple months from his name day, (when he’ll get to practice with the real swords!) Lord Falstaff Hector was the son of Baron Hector in the 6th Age. How he came to share a dream with Martin Silver, Temple van Bommel, and Merritt Sharpe is a bit of a mystery. Why they were attacked by those creatures perhaps even more so. At least they were able to return him home to Castle Hector before being awoken.

“I thought he didn’t exist. Hell, I thought none of it existed. But he wasn’t set upon by those monsters, and he doesn’t have a reflection, and he rather suddenly convinced Temple that neither of those things mattered. Whatever he is, he’s not a lost child. Should have let the swordmaiden have her way with him.” — Martin Silver

Falstaff Hector

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