Kessig Von Wolfe

More at home as beast than man


Str: 12 ( +0 )
Dex: 15 ( +1 )
Con: 9 ( +0 )
Int: 8 ( -1 )
Wis: 16 ( +2 )
Cha: 13 ( +1 )

Damage: d6

Armor: 1

HP: 15

Alignment: Chaotic

Race: Elf

Look: Wild eyes, braided hair, weathered hides.

Studied Essence: When you spend time in contemplation of an animal spirit, you may add its species to those you can assume using shapeshifting.

Born of the Soil: You learned your magic in a place whose spirits are strong and ancient and they’ve marked you as one of their own. No matter where you go, they live within you and allow you to take their shape. When shapeshifting you may take the shape of any animal who might live in your Land.
The Great Forests (racial bonus)
The Whispering Plains

By Nature Sustained: You don’t need to eat or drink.

Spirit Tongue: You can understand any animal native to your land or akin to one whose essence you have studied.

On a 10+, hold 3.
On a 7-9, hold 2.
On a miss hold 1 in addition to whatever the GM says.

You may take on the physical form of any species whose essence you have studied or who lives in your land: you and your possessions meld into a perfect copy of the species’ form. You ave any innate abilities and weaknesses of the form. You still use your normal stats but some moves may be harder to trigger. The GM will also tell you one or more moves associated with your new form. Spend 1 hold to make that move. Once you’re out of hold, you return to your natural form. At any time, you may spend all your hold and revert to your natural form.

Hide Amor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Staff (close, 2 handed, 1 weight)
Adventuring Gear (1 weight)
Poultices and herbs (2 uses, 1 weight)

I have showed Temple a secret rite of the Land.
Koleman smells more like prey than a hunter.
The spirits spoke to me of a great danger that follows Martin.


Tell: A series of tribal tattoos on his face, one for coming into his power, one for each Land he mastered, and one for every animal whose essence he has studied.


Kessig is of the belief that if he consumes the heart of someone with arcane ability he will absorb and master their power.

Kessig Von Wolfe

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