Lord Ozrak Stokeflame

Lord Commander of the Fallcrest Guard


A minor dwarven noble whose star is rising, Lord Stokeflame recently married one of his children to a rival house, and House Stokeflame is set to come into new territories that will effectively double their holdings. Ozrak Stokeflame’s bravery in recent times of conflict has brought him to the attention of the Regent, Vargas, and his successful political dealings (such as the marriage) have led to him being given his choice of assignments with the Ordean Legions, oddly, he choose to raise a force 200 strong to take command of Fort Fallcrest, along with his trusty Boar stead, Saxton.

“Why here? Ozrak Stokeflame is defined by ill-temper and ambition, not by charity or leal service to the Crown. He sees an opportunity at Fort Fallcrest, mark my words. Providence alone knows what.” —Temple van Bommel, Paladin of the Divine Providence

Lord Ozrak Stokeflame

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