Severus Kin'urn

Best Tracker in the South


Cost: Revenge

Skills: Tracker 4, Warrior 1

Track—When Severus is given time to study a trail while Making Camp, when camp is broken he can follow the trail to the next major change in terrain, travel, or weather.

Guide—When Severus leads the way you automatically succeed on any Perilous Journey of a distance (in rations) lower than 4.

Man-at-arms—When you deal damage while Severus aids you add 1 to the damage done. If your attack results in consequences (like a counter attack) Severus takes the brunt of it.

Loyalty: 2


The greatest hunter in Fort Fallcrest, Severus lost a child in the siege laid by the Orcs from South Riding, he’s joined an outfit of adventurer’s to track down the orc’s leader and get his revenge.

“A good man, and skilled beyond measure. Into the darkness of South Riding he delved to seek justice, and he found it. A foot soldier for the cause of Light.” Temple van Bommel, Paladin of St. Gryllid

Severus Kin'urn

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