Temple van Bommel

Knight Errant from the Western Provinces


Class: Paladin

Look: Mussed Hair, Surcoat with emblem of St. Gryllid, Tired eyes, Toned body.

Deity: St. Gryllid, the Servant of the Divine Providence

St. Gryllid’s portfolio: Hard work, community, protecting the weak, taming the wilderness

Strength: 13 +1
Dexterity: 9 0
Constitution: 16 +2
Intelligence: 12 0
Wisdom: 9 +0
Charisma: 15 +1

HP: 26

Max HP: 26

Armor Rating: 3

Base Damage: 1d10

When you pray for guidance, even for a moment, and ask, “What here is evil?” the GM will tell you, honestly.

Bloody Aegis
When you take damage you can grit your teeth and accept the blow. If you do you take no damage but instead suffer a debility of your choice. If you already have all six debilities you can’t use this move.

Divine Favor
Dedicate yourself to a deity (name a new one or choose one that’s already been established). You gain the commune and cast a spell cleric moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a cleric of level 1 for using spells. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective cleric level by 1.

When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet communion with your deity, you:
-Lose any spells already granted to you.
-Are granted new spells of your choice whose total levels don’t exceed your own level+1, and none of which is a higher level than your own level.
-Prepare all of your rotes, which never count against your limit.

Cast a Spell:
When you unleash a spell granted to you by your deity, roll+Wis.
✴ On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast and your deity does not revoke the spell, so you may cast it again.
✴ On a 7–9, the spell is cast, but choose one:
You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
Your casting distances you from your deity—take -1 ongoing to cast a spell until the next time you commune.
After you cast it, the spell is revoked by your deity. You cannot cast the spell again until you commune and have it granted to you.
Note that maintaining spells with ongoing effects will sometimes cause a penalty to your roll to cast a spell.

Current Spells Prepared: Cure Light Wounds, Cause Fear

Lay on Hands
When you touch someone, skin to skin, and pray for their well-being , roll+CHA. ✴On a 10+ you heal 1d8 damage or remove one disease. ✴On a 7–9, they are healed, but the damage or disease is transferred to you.

You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

I Am the Law
When you give an NPC an order based on your divine authority, roll+Cha. ✴On a 7+, they choose one:
• Do what you say
• Back away cautiously, then flee
• Attack you
✴On a 10+, you also take +1 forward against them. ✴On a miss, they do as they please and you take -1 forward against them.

When you dedicate yourself to a mission through prayer and ritual cleansing, state what you set out to do:

Current Quest: Discover where the orc raiders came from in South Riding and stop their next attack on Fort Fallcrest.

Boons: Speak any language, immune to edged weapons
Proscriptions: Honor, Truth
Alignment: Good —Endanger yourself to protect someone weaker than you.

Your load is 12+Str. You start with dungeon rations (7 uses, 2 weight), scale armor (2 armor, 3 weight), and some mark of faith, (A dark red cross on his surcoat, and a small holy book embossed with a cricket superimposed on a pyramid). Choose your weapon:

Spear (reach thrown near 1 weight)

Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Longsword (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)

Throwing daggers x 5 (thrown, near, 0 weight)

Adventuring gear (1 weight)

Rations x8 days (2 weight)

Bandages (3 uses, slow, 0 weight)


Martin has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely.

Rifka’s misguided behavior endangers their very soul!

Kessig is a brave soul, I have much to learn from them.

Merritt isn’t so bad for a Sigmaridan

I respect the beliefs of Coleman but I hope he will someday see the true way.
I fear Coleman’s lust for knowledge and power has corrupted him.

EXP: 5


104 GP

Communal Treasure:

Wolf Hawk Amulet
Evil Sword
Silver Statuette


Where I grew up, the walls are thick and covered in alabaster. My childhood was harmonized with quiet chants of praise to Divine Providence and Their Servant, St. Gryllid of the Burgundy Cross. It was scented with flowers; wheat and potatoes and onions grew in the valley where I was raised, yes, but our export crops were flowers for the perfumeries and alchemists in Julian’s Knot. Lavender we grew, and roses. Oleander and violets and honeysuckle. We worked the fields with small sickles, and at end of day we gathered in the church to eat as equals. But my lot was not to live that blessed life, not yet. Mine was to defend it.

I was an orphan left at the church gates, and as it has been since time immemorial, I was destined to become a Paladin of Providence. My fate had been severed by my parents, and so I entwined my Empty Thread to the skein of Their Will, and served. When I was 15 I left for the capital and joined the order of paladins. Seven years after that, I started my ten year stint in His Majesty’s forces. I saw blood and death, first against the swamp orc raiders in the Sweating Fens, then against the heretic rebels at Procknow Gap. I held aloft the sigil of the Saint of the Fields and Rows, and wielded my blade with righteousness and vigor. But when my time for renewal came up, I took my papers.

I did not want a life as a paladin in His Majesty’s forces; I wanted something more. To do what good I could in the world and, I confess it, to earn enough coin to repair at last to that home I had left far behind at St.-Gryllid’s-By-The-Mountain. And if Providence should will it, and with a trusted friend at my side, I shall attain it. Vargas asked for adventurers to head south; perhaps it is past time that the Truth of the Divine resonates through the wilds of South Riding. May the Saint clear my path, and nurture my soul. My way is true, and my will is strong. Let evil tremble; They Are Coming.

“Without him we’d be lost. He saved us with strength of arm, and righteous care”

-Mayor Stuart

Temple van Bommel

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