Fort Fallcrest

Only the bare necessities are available for sale in Fort Fallcrest, and weapons are rare, save for those owned by the military. Unskilled labor is readily available among the shrinking, destitute population. Buildings stand empty around the fort where families abandoned it for the safety of the north. There are always armed defenders manning the southern walls as well as multiple armed patrols within. The Fort is no longer self sufficient, and is dependent on military supplies. The spirits of those who’ve tried to flee South Riding and were stopped by the forts defenders occasionally cause trouble throughout the mountain pass Fort Fallcrest rests in.

The hundred or so citizens of the Fort who are not members of the guard (which numbers just shy of 300 at present) live at the Fort for reasons as diverse as the population. Some seeking to escape the laws of Ordea have fled to the border town, making up a criminal element, while others, are the descendents of those lucky few refugees of South Riding who made it out before things became apocalyptic. Others lived on the land before the fall of South Riding, and of course, any sizable military population has its hangers-on.

The Lord Commander Ozrak Stokeflame oversees the garrison.

Before passing through the Southern Gate a traveler finds themselves at the sign of The Bearded Horse. This expansive Inn of yore served as a rest house for those seeking adventure in past Ages where they gathered to tell of their great victories and sobering defeats around The Great Table, which was inlaid with the map Hycorax himself used to chart and tame South Riding along with his band of men. When Fort Fallcrest was built at the end of the 6th Age it was built around The Bearded Horse.

Fort Fallcrest

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