Rifka Red-Hand

Politically Conscious Halfling Bandit


STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 16 (2)
CON: 9 (0)
INT: 15 (
WIS: 12 (0)
CHA: 13 (+1)

HP: 6

Alignment: Neutral (Avoid detection or infiltrate a location)

Bonds: Temple knows incriminating details about me. Martin has my back when things go wrong.

Gear: Dagger and short sword, throwing daggers, adventuring gear. 7 rations. 8 coins.

Religion: Bor’e, the Creator, God of creation and community, worshipped almost entirely by halflings.

Starting Moves

Halfling: When you attack with a ranged weapon, deal +2 damage.

Trap Expert: When you spend a moment to survey a dangerous area, roll+DEX. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold as you walk through the area to ask these questions: 1. Is there a trap here and if so, what activates it? 2. What does the trap do when activated? 3. What else is hidden here?

Tricks of the Trade: When you pick locks or pockets or disable traps, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you do it, no problem. On a 7–9, you still do it, but the GM will offer you two options between suspicion, danger, or cost.

Backstab: When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee weapon, you can choose to deal your damage or roll+DEX. On a 10+ choose two. On a 7–9 choose one: 1) You don’t get into melee with them. 2) You deal your damage+1d6. 3) You create an advantage, +1 forward to you or an ally acting on it. 4) Reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it.

Flexible Morals: When someone tries to detect your alignment you can tell them any alignment you like.

Poisoner: You’ve mastered the care and use of a poison. Choose a poison from the list below; that poison is no longer dangerous for you to use. You also start with three uses of the poison you choose. Whenever you have time to gather materials and a safe place to brew you can make three uses of the poison you choose for free. Note that some poisons are applied, meaning you have to carefully apply it to the target or something they eat or drink. Touch poisons just need to touch the target, they can even be used on the blade of a weapon. 1) Oil of Tagit (applied): The target falls into a light sleep. 2) Bloodweed (touch): The target deals -1d4 damage ongoing until cured. 3) Goldenroot (applied): The target treats the next creature they see as a trusted ally, until proved otherwise. 4) Serpent’s Tears (touch): Anyone dealing damage to the target rolls twice and takes the better result. Rifka’s two poisons are Goldenroot and Serpent’s Tears.


“Nimble-hands, as one would expect from the half-folk. Not that I’ve got nothing to steal.”

Kalvin Bitterleaf

-2 uses of adventuring gear (damaged in escape from troll)
3 (of 4) throwing daggers used
2 HP

Rifka Red-Hand

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