The Divine Providence: A god worshiped primarily in Western Ordea; considered to be a Creator deity who provides what is good in the world and foresees and prevents what is evil. Rarely worshiped in the abstract except by the clergy, They are mostly represented by other saints and gods in the form of aspects. When it is used, Their holy symbol is an eye in a pyramid.

Saint Gryllid – An aspect of the Divine Providence. God of good stewardship and taming the wilderness, and of cooperation among equals. His holy symbol is a burgundy cross, sometimes superimposed with a cricket.

Ranos – A human diety of nonviolence, good company and storytelling, many of Ranos’ followers are travelers.

Bor’e – Halfling god of Creation and Community

Grum’la – An Orc god

The Dragon-Gods

Sigmera, the Swordmaiden of Gix – The Goddess of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance


Order of the Imprisoned Three – An order of Templar’s devoted to defending a metaphysical prison for some of the greatest evil’s to ever have walked the earth have after uncounted years begun to die off of natural causes. Without new blood the order will pass from this earth and the Incarcerated will be without a Warden. They watch over – Carnifax the Devastator, Refar the Pestilence and Havoc. Though once the sought out new prisoners as well, perhaps such a day will come again.


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